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Poster: baba_944 Date: Jul 30, 2016 10:44am
Forum: movies Subject: Finding Two Commercials

I've been trying to find these commercials for years now. I've asked literally everywhere online:, "Reddit" subreddits: "TOMTcc" and "TOMT", "Sonic Stadium", "Shadow Of A hedgehog", "Youtube", etc. Ive even contacted "SEGA", "Cartoon Network" and Coloribus to no avail. I can find the Nights one, but it's in poor quality. I want a higher quality one if available Here's the information on both of them(note I was, and currently residing, living in Huntersville, NC at the time):

"Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity":

OH my gosh, this commercial. I was just finishing playing its predecessor when I flipped the input back to TV. I can describe the setting to a T to prove that it wasn't a false memory. It was in my folks bedroom. They had a huge "SANYO" black TV. Behind me was their bed, to the left of me was their tiny bathroom, and to the right, the exit. In front of me was my slim PS2 (it cost $10 when I got it along with Sonic Heroes).

Anyway, back on track. I turned it off and grabbed the remote to switch the input. I just caught the CGI ending of Courage (the one were he takes a bow). Then CN with their interstitial and then onto the commercial breaks. The commercial aired immediately. Here's my recollection of the commercial (only the scenes that are vidi to me):

Scene 1: Sonic was wearing his get-up along with riding his extreme gear. The location he's at is in a tunnel-like place with orange skies and grey tube arches. The ground is grey/silver as well.

Scene Two: The ending where it shows a black background along with the game's box-art and the consoles it released on (Wii and PS2).

The announcer said something about "zero gravity" (could be "shift into zero gravity!"). It was a made for TV commercial as I saw the trailers and none was it.

Nights into dreams:

This one will probably be relatively easy as I can just link to you the video. I want this one in higher quality:

I swear I'm not lying after the former. I didn't have the internet back then so I wouldn't have learned about it otherwise. After it was done, I told my mom and sister that the sequel's coming out. I wish I could add a reward for it.

Thank you.